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In the context of hair disorders, trichoscopy – hair and scalp dermoscopy – has proven to be a very useful non-invasive diagnostic technique. Dr. Anna Waskiel (Warsaw, Poland) will explore the key dermoscopic features in the diagnosis of multiple hair and scalp diseases, as well as the utility of trichoscopy in monitoring disease activity, treatment efficacy and predicting therapeutic outcome in patients with hair loss.

Moreover, Dr. Maria Miteva (Miami, United States) will present common trichoscopic features in non-scarring and scarring alopecia and will discuss challenging trichoscopic cases with pathologic correlation from the practice.

Among the most common hair diseases, androgenetic alopecia is a chronic condition characterized by progressive hair thinning in genetically predisposed individuals. Dr. Asja Prohic (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina) will illustrate the genetics and the pathophysiology of the diseases, as well as its associations with several medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer in men, and hyper-androgenism and polycystic ovary syndrome in women. Moreover, Dr. Prohic will also focus on the several recent articles that have proposed a possible association between androgenetic alopecia and male patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

Another hair disease that will be discussed during EADV’s virtual congress is alopecia areata, a chronic inflammatory and non-scarring hair loss affecting 1% of the population worldwide. The recent advances in the field of genetics have enabled a better understanding of the immune-mechanisms behind the disease. Dr. Julien Seneschal (Bordeaux, France) will summarise the current knowledge on the pathogenesis of alopecia areata and the preclinical and clinical studies focused on the development of possible therapies.

And what about the possible solutions to hair loss? Dr. Sergio Vaño-Galván (Madrid, Spain) will describe the newest developments in the field of hair transplant and the most important concepts related to it: patient selection, micrografting, hair transplant techniques and relevant information for general dermatologists.

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